The Fifth International Workshop
Achievements, Developments and Perspectives»

August 2-7, 2009


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Dear colleagues,
The conference "SOLITONS, COLLAPSES AND TURBULENCE: Achievements, Developments and Perspectives" is approaching. We would like to give you some information how to reach Chernogolovka and House of Scientists there. If you arrive by plane to Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo or Vnukovo airports the most convenient way is to take first train to Moscow in order to exclude terrible traffic in Moscow region. Then, please, take metro up to the station Shchelokovskaya. This is the final station of this metro line. You should exit along train motion making right turn first and left turn after. Then you will see bus terminal at the left-hand side. We recommend you to take bus no. 360 to Chernogolovka (it departs each half of an hour: 7-00, 7-30, etc.). This bus is most convenient. You can take also bus or shuttle no. 320 which is less convenient. Price to Chernogolovka is the same for all buses and shuttles, i.e. 80 rubles. When you arrive at Chernogolovka you should go the East direction where you can see red-stone hotel visible from the bus station (see the map).

For all participants we organize also a bus with departure from Shchelkovskaya Metro station on August 2 at 12-30. The bus will be waiting for the conference participants before the bus terminal, at the opposite side of this shosse. To reach the bus in this case you should exit along train motion making left turn first, then left turn. At the distance about 100 m from the metro exit along the Shchelkovskoe shosse you can find the bus. On the bus glass you can see the conference label "Solitons".

We would like also to give you some information about weather at the first decades of August. This summer in Moscow is warm and August is expected also warm. The mean temperature at the time of the Conference varies in the interval 18-24 degree C and rains are possible.

We are looking forward to seeing you very soon in Chernogolovka.

Sincerely yours, Evgenii Kuznetsov on behalf of the rest of the Organizing Committee
A.I. Dyachenko, A.V. Mikhailov, and A.N. Pushkarev

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